i Get… Going to the Hospital
i Get... Cooking
i Get… Christmas
i Get… My Family
i Get... Christmas Social Skills Stories
i Get... Going to Fireworks
i Get... My Classmates
i Get... Easter
i Get... Valentine's Day
i Get… St. Patrick’s Day
i Get... Going to a Restaurant
i Get... Going to the Playground
i Get ... Going to the Grocery Store
i Get... Going to Birthday Parties
i Get... Going to the Beach
i Get ... My Schedules at Home
i Create... Social Skills Stories
i Get... My Community
Plan It, Do It, Check It Off
i Get... My School
i Get... My Daily Schedules
All About Me
i Get... My Schedules at School

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Teaching skills one app at a time

i Get It! applications are designed to support language skill development by offering real photos books that are age respectful to the user.

1-all-about-meLanguage skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure and social skills, are the foundation of understanding and expressing ideas with others. Weaknesses in language abilities affect listening, learning, and communicating.

i Get It! applications are designed to facilitate cognitive growth through building language skills. We will be adding more ideas to the website to give a variety of ways to use each app with different users.

Typically developing young children and individuals with developmental delays, such as a language impairment, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, PDD-NOS, autism and down syndrome will benefit from these interactive applications.  Also, they can be used for the purpose of working with patients relearning personal information, including patients with TBI.  Parents, teachers, SLP’s and other support professionals will appreciate the user friendly design.

i Get It! is dedicated to developing educational applications that can be utilized by diverse populations. Each app is designed for all ages with real photo books for contextual support, personalized text options for visual support and recordable audio capabilities for auditory support. However the user may easily modify the samples or create their own pages to customize the app for their student/child’s individual learning needs.

3d Stay Tuned! Blog posts coming soon!
We are excited to announce that soon we will be adding a blog to our website.  We will be sharing our personal life experiences and explain the history behind i Get It!
So, stay tuned!


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