i Get… Easter

An application providing a photo social skill story for individuals that need support in understanding the process of Easter-related activities and an Easter egg hunt. In the Easter book, 36 unique pages illustrate a variety of Easter-related activities. The Easter egg hunt book includes twelve pages with real picture images that are used to illustrate the sequence of events.

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i Get… Easter Social Skills Stories

i Get... Easter

i Get… Easter Social Skills Stories is an application providing a photo social story for individuals that need support in understanding the process of an Easter egg hunt. Twelve icons with real picture images are used to illustrate the sequence of events. Each page can be individualized for the user by adding personal photos taking pictures with an Apple camera ready device, add text and audio. Typically developing young children participating in a hunt for the first time and individuals with developmental delays, such as PDD-NOS and autism will benefit from this interactive application. Parents, teachers, SLP’s and other support professionals will appreciate the user friendly design.


My 4-year-old son is hesitant to participate in new activities. Even though he attends Easter egg hunts each year, he doesn’t remember them the next year. I talk to him before we go about what is going to happen, but he usually clings to my leg while his friends run around looking for eggs. This year I showed him the pictures in the i Get…Easter Egg Hunts app. For the first time he actually looked for eggs during the neighborhood egg hunt. He had a great time. I took pictures of him finding eggs and imported them into the app. We’ll be sure to use the app again next year.

Margaret Mathy
Mobile, AL


  • Eleven pre-made icons and one user made icon provide a sequential order of events for this annual occasion.
  • Real-life photos from an Easter egg hunt provide detailed illustrations.
  • Audio may be added by the user for each step.
  • Storyline can be personalized for the individual user
  • Changes to the information are easily made in the settings section.
  • Display order of the icons can be selected by the user.
  • All icons may be replaced with personalized photos.
  • Completion of each task can be indicated by the use of a checkmark feature.

Ideas for using i Get… Easter

  • 2While looking for eggs in a classroom or home, use the preposition icons of “next to,” “under” and “on top” to match where the egg is located. For example, if the child finds an egg next to the bookshelf, find the “next to” picture in the app.
  • Preview the events at an upcoming Easter egg hunt by organizing and discussing the icons in the i See-quence…Going to Easter Egg Hunts app.  Start a few days before the event and continue reviewing until the day of the Easter egg hunt.
  • Use i See-quence… Going to Easter Egg Hunts as a visual support to target narrative discourse objectives. While at the Easter egg hunt, pictures of the child can be taken easily using the camera button in the app on your camera-ready device.   Custom pages are easily created in the “Settings” section.  Written reminders can be added in the text box of each page.  Using the pictures and text, the child can be more independent and descriptive in recalling the details of the event afterwards.
  • Easter egg hunts often have periods of wait time.  Provide your child strategies while waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start or after the event.  Use custom pages to include these ideas in the activity sequence.
  • Use the custom icons to include pictures of family and friends you will see at the Easter egg hunt.  Prior to the event, brainstormconversational ideas for each and list in the “Notes” section.

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