i Get… My School

A photo album application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning about their schools.

i Get… My School Vocabulary Photo Books

i Get... My Schooli Get… My School is an application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning about people at their school. Nine of the icons are preprogrammed with real-life photos and titles of school staff, and three icons can be personalized by the user. The app can be individualized by adding personal pictures with a camera ready device,importing pictures from the user’s photo album, recording a personal message or rearranging the order of the icons. Also includes 21 customizable icons. In addition checkmark is displayed when finished button is touched to reinforce learning.


Ideas for using i Get… My School

  • 1-copy7Replace icons with photographs of the child’s actual teachers. Then use the app to review the names with your child at home.
  • Use the app with your child to preview changes in his/her teachers for substitutes or summer school.
  • While viewing the main page, ask the child questions regarding the functions of the people at school. For example, “Who do you go to see when you need a band-aid?” You can individualize the app to decrease the number of choices by turning “off” some of the icons in the “Settings” section.
  • Practice verb tenses. Take pictures of school helpers engaged in different activities using the camera button on a camera ready Apple device.  Ask the child to tell what is happening to target present tense verbs or what happened to use past tense verb forms.
  • Replace premade pictures in i Get… My School with actual school employees. Use the pronouns “he,” “she,” and “they” while describing the pictures.
  • Discuss facial expressions on the faces of people at school photographed or imported into the app prior to a social skills lesson. Each adult can model a different targeted emotion, or illustrate facial differences when all are pictured with the same emotion.
  • Teach students how to interpret social cues. For example, replace pictures using the camera button your camera ready Apple device of each icon in i Get… My School with pictures of the school helper  illustrating “busy” or “ready to help.”  Encourage the child to let you know how to recognize each.  Go further by including when and how to interrupt those who are busy.
  • Target executive functioning skills by using the app to problem solve for a variety of situations that involve support by people at school. What do you do if you get loose your coat at school?
  • Compose questions to ask people at school to solve the above problems. For example, the child may have to ask the secretary, “Where is the lost and found?”
  • Brainstorm conversational topics for each individual in i Get… People at School. Make a list in the “Notes” section on each icon page.

School icons include:

My School ♦ Teacher ♦ Principal ♦ Gym Teacher ♦ Art Teacher ♦ Music Teacher ♦ Librarian ♦ Nurse ♦ Secretary

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